Largo, Fla. (July 21, 2016) – Multispectral imaging and sensing manufacturer, PIXELTEQ, introduces the SpectroCam™ VIS-SWIR 640 multispectral imaging camera. The new SpectoCam is ideal for SWIR imaging in tissue and biologic material analysis for medical and forensics, pigment and object analysis for cultural heritage applications, and quality analysis of produce for agriculture applications.

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Largo, Fla. (February 2, 2016) – PIXELTEQ micro-patterned optical coatings combine patented microlithography expertise with state-of-the-art coating technology. The company’s micro-patterned filters help create compact and cost-effective optical devices for use in biomedical, security and defense, aerospace, precision agriculture and machine vision applications.

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  • Multispectral sensing & imaging
  • Medical devices & diagnostics
  • Wearable biometric monitors
  • Portable fluorescence detection
  • High-throughput optical readers
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  • Low SWaP multispectral cameras
  • Color VIS, NIR, SWIR imaging
  • Wearable spectral sensors
  • Precision reticles
  • Custom OEM sensors & assemblies
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  • Multispectral remote sensing
  • NDVI + other vegetation indices
  • UAV, ground & cubesat imaging
  • Robust, low SWaP devices
  • Custom OEM sensors & assemblies
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  • Non-invasive multispectral imaging
  • Art conservation & restoration
  • Near infrared vision
  • Authentication & layer analysis
  • Standard & customer spectral filters
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